Universal Date and Time



Universal Date and Time was set to commence at 00.00hrs UT1 on 01/01/2020 following the natural
course of events that is leading civilization into Globalisation.

I uncovered proof that Earth does not orbit the Sun and developed a Universal Calendar synchronised with the 24hr day marked by the Time Zones on the Longitudes. I presented this Calendar to the Government prior to the changes enacted by NASA with the introduction of Atomic clocks and Satellite radio transmissions that set the Time on watches, mobiles and computers, by remote control.


Up to the start of the year 2000 the hours in a day were set at the meridian to measure one Earth rotation around the Polar axis, a method known as Solar Timekeeping, set and kept on clocks and watches without needing to refer to the position of the Sun. The British invention of a watch was also the first to set and keep time in fractions of one whole day, which facilitated accurate synchronised Time setting, within each of the 24 Time Zones, marked in sequence around the Globe on the Longitudes. An International Agreement was set down in 1883 making the use of the Time Zones Mandatory which synchronised the Time set on clocks all around the World with the 360degrees of Longitude. This long standing Agreement was broken when a new Prime Meridian was inaugurated at 15 degrees LW at the start of the new Millennium and GMT was replaced with Universal Time set by remote controlled satellite transmissions. On a global scale both Time Frames synchronise the Time at 24 different places on the hour,  so that a day starts at 24 different times. China spans five Time Zones yet keeps one synchronised Time throughout the region. The UK spans one Time Zone or two including Ireland. British Summer Time changes the time a day starts by 1hr. During WW11 the attack on Pearl Harbour and the greatest loss ever of 749 lives during a military exercise on Slapton Sands in Devon would have been avoided if the Generals had synchronised Operations at GMT, General Montgomery failed to reset to GMT, General Eisenhower assumed he did.   

Synchronised timekeeping set on the Longitudes is essential for navigation on long distance travel, even more so for all International communications facilitated by Satellite radio relay stations.

I lived in Australia for 40yrs I was there when Keating and Blair systematically tore up the Social Security Act and declared the End to the Age of Entitlement. The Nation's accumulated Assets, invested in the NHS, State Pension Funds, and Public Housing, were deposited into Commercial Banks. Civil Servants were made redundant, to save paying wages and annuities, with the Agreement that any further savings made by streamlining the System, would be accredited to the Banks and Concentrix, an American Company of Financial Investment Advisors, in lieu of payment for transferring all Public Records onto one computerised Databank. 

Paul Keating introduced a system of Means Testing whereby all Social Welfare Services, Pensions and Workers' Benefits are withheld until proof of no other Income or Assets is submitted every four weeks. In 2019, 29 million calls to Centrelink went unanswered, creating 29million instances of non-compliance that could be penalised.


All documentary evidence denoting times of births, deaths, and marriages, became obsolete. Public Registrar Offices were shut down. Only current Public Records are uploaded onto one computerised databank, which no-one is permitted to access, to review or to update their own records with proof of Entitlement, because the Dates on these documents apply to the locality not to the Applicant.

All Claims to Services, Pensions and Benefits are paid on the basis of the Means Test. Payments are denied, in part or in whole, at the discretion of a computer programmer intent on saving money.

The Banks deposit the Standard amount of payments into a Concentrix Account, the computer records the Gross amount paid out before variable amounts classed as overpayments are deducted, to calculate the Net amount. The Net amount is shown as Pension paid in full, on the Pensioner's Bank Statement.  

Over the past 20yrs any surplus funds that would have been retained by the Treasury have been syphoned off by Concentrix from Pensioner's Bank Accounts. Billions of unseen £'s flow into Pension Accounts, only to be paid-out instantly to Concentrix and Private Landlords.

There is nothing anyone can do to recover these immense losses. I returned to live in the UK after my husband died, my Australian Age Pension component was reduced by the Means Test illegally, in the absence of any other Income or Assets. A $3,600 debt, raised for over-payments dating back six years, was also deducted at $5.00 a week prior to depositing the Pension into my Bank Acc. The rent for the house we had rented from the Queensland State Government for over 35yrs was also increased to Market Value. I could not pay so I was forced to give up my home and contents under a Court Order obtained by the Government. I mistakenly believed it only happened in Australia so I needed to seek proof that guaranteed my husband's pre-paid premiums would be carried over and combined with the contributions he made in Australia, together with all of the Entitlements written into the Social Security Act, at the time we immigrated. I was wrong my MP advised that the DWP had closed our record of Contributions when my husband died because the Client was deceased.

I do have a copy of the Legislation that proves I am Entitled to a Widow's Age Pension in full, which only applies to the Account that was closed. I was given a new National Insurance Number which placed me in the new Means Tested category to allow Concentrix to deduct unaccountable amounts from MY Bank Account illegally without the Right to Appeal the decision, otherwise known as a Robo-debt.

During Lockdown, the UK Government extended the Means Test to cover all Welfare Benefits and Services paid by all Elected Town, District, and National Departments, thereby giving thousands of people access to an International Database containing details of everyone's Assets and Income, Bank Accounts, and false Criminal Records. In the process of uploading this immense amount of data a vast amount of Computer errors have been embedded into the daily business of Government to the point where it has lost control. The UK is now insolvent, the pillars of Civilization, the NHS and the Social Welfare System have been torn down.  My Australian Age Pension component has been cancelled outright and Centrelink has raised another debt of $41,333.68 that I was allegedly overpaid since returning to the UK.

The restoration of Law and Order can only begin when synchronised Timekeeping becomes universal.

It is imperative that the Date is synchronised according to the chronological order established by 364 daily rotations of the Earth as shown in an in depth analysis of videos compiled from data collected by the United States Naval Observatory.