There are no barriers, no Territorial boundaries on the Internet. There are those wanting to hang
onto their elevated positions in Government who are redrawing the Time Zones, publishing maps
and charts showing the position of ‘their’ Territory as marked by the Time set on their clocks, which
is not in keeping with UT1 or GMT and can only be enforced by publishing the corrupt Time setting
as the correct Internet Time worldwide.

This illegal practice is abundantly evident here on a Globe showing the extent to which the
International Dateline has been redrawn.

It could be said that history is now repeating itself as it becomes apparent that no one can organise
anything if the Time on every watch is set at odds with all others. Historically Brunell was the first to
synchronise watches throughout the UK in order to set up Timetables for his railroads.

Today the Governments ruling countries in the EU are all at odds with one another.

The Governments ruling countries in the UK are all at odds with one another.

Law and Order has broken down, there is no collaboration between Governments or between
Politicians elected to Govern. This is leading to unrest and the potential for Civil War to erupt and
further divide the masses.

This is happening because we are hanging onto the past rather than moving forward.

Brexit has served to expose the cause and will now provide a way forward.





Universal Date and Time is set to commence at 00.00hrs UT1 on 01/01/2020 following the natural
course of events that is leading civilization into Globalisation.

This is essential for the purpose of maintaining the basic measurement of Chronological Order upon
which all information rests.

The Universal Date is set to synchronise the Times, currently set, according to UT1 and Internet
Time, as a co-ordinated system of Time setting across the 24 Time Zones.

Internet Times are set and counted from 15 ͦ L.W. at Biel in Switzerland.


Universal Times are set and counted from 15 ͦ L.W. 

Dates are set and counted over two days thereby creating a 48hr day on the Internet, or, one day
too many on the Calendar.

Universal Times are not a derivative of Greenwich Meantime, set down as a means of
mapping the coast lines on a spherical grid of lines, set out as Longitudes and Latitudes, to cover the
vast expanse of water in which all land could be located and documented. The Grid was divided into
four sections marked as North, South, East and West.

Longitudes were marked in two sections at 180 ͦ each to divide East and West horizontally on the
International Dateline.

The Latitudes were marked in two sections from 0 ͦ  to 90 ͦ  to divide North and South laterally around
the Equator.

The Time was set by the hour at the Meridian/midday in two directions from 0 ͦL. to the East and
West of Greenwich to establish the Time Zones at 15 ͦ  hourly intervals, to reach Midnight
simultaneously at 180 ͦ L.

This created a double Date on the International Dateline in conjunction with John Harrison's invention of a synchronic watch, designed to keep account of the hours of darkness not accounted for on the chart.

Synchronised Time setting by the hour stayed on our wrist and served its purpose well, until
technology extended areas of travel, trade and communication, worldwide.
The need to establish one World Time in order to carry out these new modes of transport, trade and
communication, via the Internet, is now paramount.

Contrary to the old adage that says History repeats itself it is obvious that Globalization is not a
repeat of anything we have achieved in the past, within individual Territorial boundaries, governed
by a multitude of Doctrines imposed by a long line of Monarchs, Dictators, and Governments.
In the natural course of events we have become dependent on International Trade and
Communications, and the need to collaborate, to share ideas, is the only way forward.