Universal Date and Time



Universal Date and Time was set to commence at 00.00hrs UT1 on 01/01/2020 following the natural
course of events that is leading civilization into Globalisation.

I had uncovered proof that Earth does not orbit the Sun and developed a Universal Calendar synchronised with the 24hr day marked by the Time Zones on the Longitudes.


Up to the start of the year 2000 the hours in a day were set at the meridian to measure one Earth rotation around the Polar axis, a method known as Solar Timekeeping, set and kept on clocks and watches without needing to refer to the position of the Sun. The British invention of a watch was also the first to set and keep time in fractions of one whole day, which facilitated accurate synchronised Time setting, within each of the 24 Time Zones, marked in sequence around the Globe on the Longitudes.

Governments have since ruled not to set the hours in a day at the Meridian on the Longitudes, but to change the Time Settings and redraw the Longitudes to mark their Territorial Boundaries. Thereby, isolating and containing each and every Currency to boost compulsory charges on ever changing Foreign Exchange Rates, within the 48hr un-coordinated Internet Time frame, set at a new Prime Meridian at Biel in Switzerland, at the beginning of the 20th Century. 

Trillions of algorithms have been generated to convert variable times and currencies, in all aspects of Government Administration, for every Trade Agreement and every personal purchase made online. It simply cannot be done, every equation must contain at least one constant.

However, Mathematicians insist it is possible when using a computerised data base.  Every monetary transaction must now be carried out online, because the convoluted algorithms are written into all Trade Practices set down by Governments within the Laws. Politicians are now forced to comply with NASA's variable Time settings, Foreign Trade Practices, volatile Foreign Exchange Rates, and the chaos that inevitably followed.

Forgive them for they know not what they do. They are taking advantage of the technology that allows them to over-ride the Social Security Act with data based computerised algorithms because they were led to believe it was a faster better way to keep account of Public Funding in order to balance the Budget.

A Universal Date, that would set the records straight and restore Law and Order on the Internet, was first proposed by me, in a letter to Tony Blair, when the new Internet Time settings omitted to factor in a leap day, causing the system to crash. Tony Blair and Paul Keating chose to support Internet Time. 

Paul Keating floated the Australian Dollar creating a volatile Foreign Currency Exchange Market that has caused the value of all Currencies to fluctuate continuously.  The Millennium bug was covered up and blamed on a virus, when in fact it was caused by a leap day which cannot be factored into a one year time frame, because it is not one whole day, it is counted by the second, adding too many numbers to every calculation and algorithm programmed to set the time on computers. Likewise the number of fractions in every second claimed to have been counted on Atomic clocks are impossible to count over any length of time. Even if it were possible, it is pointless without identifying which second on which day. No matter how accurate a clock keeps time it has to be set at the right time to show the correct Time continuously.

There is a limit to how many numbers can be fed into, decoded, rewritten, and taken out of a computer, at the push of a button in one transaction. When multiplied by the number of transactions online at any one time, the demand for data exceeds all Time limits, causing the transmitters to malfunction. The only solution now is for unused numerical data to be taken off, the use of algorithms to be banned, and the tried and tested system of simple mathematics restored so that everyone understands the Law.     


I lived in Australia for 40yrs. I  was there when Keating and Blair turned the Internet into a virtual Stock Market selling Shares in the Nation's accumulated Assets, the NHS, State Pension Funds, and Public Housing, by giving all Public Records to Computer programmers. All Social Welfare Funds were deposited into Commercial Banks, Civil Servants were made redundant, to save paying wages and annuities, with the Agreement that any further savings made by streamlining the System, would be accredited to the new Accountants, the Banks and the American Company of Financial Investment Advisors, Concentrix, in lieu of payment for Services rendered. 

Paul Keating introduced a system of Means Testing whereby all Social Welfare Services, Pensions and Workers' Benefits ceased to be Entitlements within the Social Security Act, declaring "The Age of Entitlement is over!"


All documentary evidence denoting times of births, deaths, and marriages, became obsolete. Public Registry Offices were shut down, all Public Records were uploaded onto the DWP computerised databank, which no-one is permitted to access, to review, or to update their own records with proof of Entitlement. 

All Claims to Services, Pensions and Benefits are paid on the basis of a Means Test. Payments are denied, in part or in whole, at the discretion of a computer programmer intent on saving money.

The Banks deposit the full pension payments into a Concentrix Account, the computer records the Gross amount paid before variable amounts classed as overpayments are deducted, to calculate the Net amount. The Net amount is shown as Pension paid in full, on the Pensioner's Bank Statement.  


Over the past 20yrs any surplus funds that would have been retained by the Treasury have been syphoned off by Concentrix and covered up within Pensioner's Bank Accounts. Billions of unseen £'s flow into Pension Accounts, only to be paid-out instantly to Landlords by Direct Debit.

There is nothing anyone can do to recover these immense losses. I returned to live in the UK after my husband died, my Age Pension had been suspended and I had been evicted from the house we had rented from the Queensland State Government for over 35yrs. I mistakenly believed it only happened in Australia so I needed to seek help from the DWP that had guaranteed my husband's pre-paid premiums would be carried over and combined with the future contributions he made in Australia, together with all of the Entitlements written into the Social Security Act, at the time we immigrated. I was wrong the root cause was Universal. My MP advised that the DWP had closed our records when my husband died because the Client was deceased.