The following videos were compiled from time and dated satellite images posted by the United States Naval Observatory.




































These Time and Dated images show the movement of Earth in a view from the Sun, placing the Meridian in the centre of the image to show which side of the Earth is in full light at any given time.

During the daily rotation the Polar Axis stays in a fixed position. During the annual rotation, the rotation of the Polar axis can be seen in the movement of the ice caps, to rotate at an angle around the upright axis of the annual rotation.

USNO publishes the times and dates set down in 1582 in the Gregorian Calendar in the mistaken belief that the Earth orbits the Sun.

The movement of Earth never changes there are better ways to calculate the speed and direction of this movement since the Latitudes and Longitudes set out the exact dimensions of the Globe.

The following photographs show various positions of the Globe within a fixed Universal Time Frame.

The Time is set by the day/night cycle which divides the Time frame into halves, with a circle named the Terminator, shown here as a straight line to mark the axis of the annual rotation. The fixed position of the Sun is at a right angle to the Terminator, a straight line from the centre of the Sun, named the Meridian line, divides the Time Frame into quarters. The meridian line marks midday and midsummer on the right, midnight and midwinter on the left. The Terminator marks 6am and the Spring Equinox at the top, 6pm and the Autumn Equinox at the bottom.

Daily rotations are at an angle of 23.5 degrees to the annual rotation, rotating upward for12hrs and downward for 12hrs, at speeds up to 767.27mph. around the Tropics. This change in direction at high speed is not in a curve it is at an abrupt angle causing the Earth to momentarily jolt upright and move forward nearly one degree in the direction of the annual rotation. 

The speed of Earth rotations increases as the circumference of the Latitudes increase from 0 mph at the Poles up to 767.27mph around the Tropics.​ 767.27mph is also the maximum speed reached daily around the Equator where the jolt covers the additional distance of 0.989 degrees longitude in an instant.

The globe is pictured below to show the position of 0 degrees longitude throughout each year.  

FIG 1.   Starting at 00.00hrs on the 21/12/2021, midnight/midwinter, on the Tropic of Cancer.

FIG 2.   Moving up to 6am at the Spring Solstice (21/03/2022) on the Equator. 

FIG 3.   Moving up to midday/midsummer at 12am 22/06/2022 on the Tropic of Capricorn.  

FIG 4.   Moving down to 6pm 24/09/2022 at the Autumn Equinox, on the Equator, then down to midnight/midwinter at 00.00hrs on the 21/12/2023  Fig 1.

                                                                                               FIG 1 










                                                                                               FIG 2 










                                                                                                 FIG 2















                                                                                               FIG 3

























                                                                                                 FIG 4       














Fig 2 and Fig 4 are marked with Satellite Times set by NASA which are not set within the 24 Time Zones and cannot be used to chart distances, or to determine the position of radio operators on ships and aircraft.

The research by aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey, of the Independent Group of Scientists, set up to solve the MH370 mystery - found that the flight path of the Boeing 777 jet was " significantly different" from earlier modelling based on satellite data. Mr Godfrey based his findings on weak radio signals that cover the Earth, known as the "weak signal propagation report" network, or WSPR.

He said they were like "electronic tripwires" that triggered invisible signals when aircraft crossed them. The signals could then be used to trace the aircraft.

His research suggests the pilot had changed direction and speed multiple times to avoid giving any clear idea of where he was heading.  " The pilot of the MH370 generally avoided official flight routes from 18.00 UTC (2am Australian Western Standard Time) onwards but used waypoints to navigate on unofficial flight paths in Malacca Straight, around Sumatra and across the Southern Indian Ocean,"  Mr Godfrey said. "The pilot appears to have had knowledge of the operating hours of Sabang and Lhokseumawe radar and that on a weekend night, in times of little international tension the radar systems would not be up and running" And Mr Godfrey also said in case the plane was detected, "the pilot also avoided giving a clear idea where he was heading by using a flight path with a number of changes of direction."

On the morning of March 8, 227 passengers boarded the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and expected to step off in Beijing, China. The plane never arrived, and the search for the missing jet became the most costly in aviation history.


Mr Godfrey did uncover the mystery of the unexplained loss of this Boeing aircraft when he wrote this report.


The time and place was established at midnight/ midwinter where the Earth beneath rotates at 767.27mph to the N.E. then jolts 100miles forward, abruptly changing direction to S.E. whilst the plane is buffeted by the extreme turbulence generated below and above the ocean, as the water is swirled around by the movement.

Because the plane was travelling N.E. to Beijing, it would need to outrun the movement of the Earth at speeds in excess of 767.27mph even before it jolted forward 100miles and changed direction. In fact the plane could not keep up with the ground beneath, it lagged further and further behind to the West of Kuala Lumpur and lost its bearings completely when the jolt occurred, as many others have done in this situation, most notably in the Bermuda Triangle.

Bruce Gernon is the only pilot to survive flying a plane over a jolt in the Bermuda Triangle. A recent analysis of his log book shows that it recorded the speed and direction of the Earth beneath him not the speed and direction of the plane hovering above it. Fortunately for Bruce he was flying West and although he was unable to explain how he appeared to fly 100miles in a few seconds, he arrived early within sight of the Airport where he was scheduled to land.

The speed and direction of Earth rotations must be taught to all pilots to prevent further loss of life.

Accurate synchronised timing is the key element now there is no limit to the distance that ships and planes can travel. It requires very little change to the measurement of a year and the Calendar. Unfortunately this will be a big change that will correct all the convoluted changes made possible by Satellite radio transmissions, which will take a long time to implement/upload!