The root cause of the problem was the ill-conceived idea that moving the hands on the clocks
actually changed the correct measurement of a day marked in a Time Zone.

Putting the clocks back by one hour to reset the 8hr working day, to take advantage of the longest
period of daylight in winter, was in effect putting the UK in an adjacent Time Zone and moving the
Date back one hour.

Moving the hands on the clock does not change the measurement of Time or Date set at the
Meridian, nor the location of any place within a Time Zone.

The UK put the GMT Time setting 1hr forward on March 29th 2019, since when the UK is deemed to
be in the Central European Time Zone, also established as Internet Time, putting the UK out of the
GMT Time Zone.

It appears that there is no Territory/land within the GMT Time Zone, that the UK uses Co-ordinated
Internet Time settings, which were made (universally) corrupt by the changes made to the
International Dateline and many other time zone settings.

During this time maps have been reinvented and Navigators are forced to rely on the Compass to
map and chart new airline routes based on false information, posted on the Internet by the
International Earth Rotation Service, compiled from data collected from GPS set at Internet Time by

International Time Tables are confusing and unreliable, a constant concern for Passengers and Travel
agents alike.