The root cause of my personal losses lay in the fact that the DWP changed my National Insurance Number, to put me on the wrong database, which fails to recognise my Nationality, my Name, or my rightful Entitlement to a Widows Age Pension, because my history is nowhere to be found

August 2020 my Australian Age Pension payments were suspended for 4wks before being cancelled. I wrote to Centrelink, the DWP, my Banks, one in the UK, one in Australia, requesting my new Married Name  be changed back to the name on my original National Insurance Policy. Having no reply I went to my Bank where I was informed that, I cannot change the Profile on any account, uploaded by the DWP onto a databank, for Government Administration purposes.

On further investigation I found the UK Bank had put me on the database as an Australian National. All of my ancestors were British, I was born in England, married an Englishman, gave birth to three children in England, only to have my Identity torn apart by the DWP on both sides of the World.

Many Laws have been changed without due process, during the lockdown under cover of Brexit. It has been reported that the UK will not pay Pensions to people who live overseas nor allow Foreigners to live in the UK for longer than six months at a time. How long before they cancel my UK Pension Entitlement, earnt before we immigrated, and paid pro- rata, (at less than half the standard Rate), after having lived for over 86yrs under British Commonwealth Law?

Have British Migrants been put in the same category as the Windrush Generation?

Are all women being Classified Wards of State, along with their children, when Husbands cease to pay maintenance or cease to exist?  

I married again, after my first husband died, the Australian component of my Age Pension could not be  reduced to the Married Rate because it was allocated to my husband, six years before he died, 11years prior to marrying my second husband who is not Entitled to an Australian Age Pension. My Payments were suspended for 10 weeks, March 2014, to force me into declaring his UK Pension on my Assets and Income Declaration. I refused, and we had to end our Tenancy, sell our belongings and return to the UK. Pension payments were then restored and calculated to have been overpaid during the three months I lived with him in Australia, overpayments were then recovered from future payments, hidden by the illegal account keeping system operated by Concentrix.

September 2020 my Australian Age Pension payments were Cancelled outright by Concentrix, as the Means Test was rolled out across all DWP payments, subject to the computerised calculation, programmed by Concentrix, and renamed Universal Credit.

Whilst it was being uploaded to the International database during the Pandemic the Debt Recovery Scheme was paused because it was inoperable during the transfer.

Concentrix now has access to everyone's Personal Financial details, culled from the loss of work and Business that allowed everyone to 'Qualify' for Government Assistance, to submit  an Application Form online, and upload the information required by the Banks and Concentrix, at their own expense, in their own Time.

January 12th 2021 Centrelink flagged an end to the pause, intending to begin recovery of means tested debts forthwith. One can only assume the data transfer is now complete, carried out by every man and his dog.

There is a problem here, how can my Means Tested debt be recovered from my Age Pension now that it has been cancelled?  Do I still owe it?  The Age Pension was my only Income. How can this creative Accounting possibly be justified?