Following a breakdown in negotiations for the UK to exit the EU, plus the breakdown within
Government due to the lack of Leadership emanating from a lack of understanding of the
unprecedented changes to the measurement of Time, the way forward will progress when the UK
puts the hands on the clocks back to measure the Date and Time correctly at 00.00hrs. on the
27/10/2019 GMT. Boris Johnson has set the proposed change back to GMT, out of UT1 and Internet Time 

at 23.30hrs on the 27/10/2019.

At this point in Time the UK, being out of the EU and Internet Time Zone, will be free to Trade elsewhere in
any currency at standard Rates of Exchange. UK citizens have never been denied the Democratic
Right to Trade when, where, and with whomever they choose.


Nothing changed when the UK joined the European Union and nothing will change if we choose to leave or

stay, providing there are no new Laws imposed by Westminster in compliance with the demands from the USA.

The measurement of Time is determined by the number of rotations the Earth makes in a year.

A day is one rotation, a year is 364 rotations. A year is counted from the first second of the first
minute of the first hour of the first day from 0 ͦ  Longitude.

The Prime Meridian, which was set down by the British and used to keep account of the number of
rotations, according to the orientation of Earth, to the accuracy of one second, establishes the fact
that the Universal Date starts at the same place as GMT.


UT1 and Internet Time will become obsolete and will take its place, in chronological order, in the
History books.

Maps and Globes will be restored to the former degree of accuracy for use in navigation.
Fate has forced us to make this change at the most opportune moment when the largest clock in the
World is back in service following a period of restoration.

BIG BEN will chime the precise moment at which the Universal Date commences, thus providing a
world changing event that will be reported across the Internet to reset the Time and Date on all clocks,

watches, and Calendars, without further ado, at the start of a new decade, a new period in which history

will be made as Globalisation takes effect.

The Internet will provide a platform for collaboration when there are no Territorial Boundaries or
National Secrets Acts to prevent Scientists from publishing the results of their Research.

NASA is sponsoring a competition offering the winner a $1 million dollar Prize in an effort to entice
Scientists to break National Secrets Acts en masse. The Competition is being held in Phases.

The winners in the 1st phase were advised to seek out other potential winners with whom they could
collaborate in order to find a solution to the problem of keeping GPS positioned directly above the

NASA pre-supposes that the solution is to develop instruments to measure the Earth’s Magnetic
force-field in order to determine both the direction and level of impact exerted by it.

The practice of aligning GPS around the Equator is inadequate because it only marks the direction
and speed of the daily rotation, without accounting for the speed and direction of the annual
rotation, which had not, as of then, been discovered.

German Scientists were among the Phase 1 winners. They believe that it is necessary to determine
the position of the Magnetic Equator in order to chart where and when the Magnetic Force is

Norwegian Scientists have drawn up a chart derived from a comprehensive study of Earth tremors
measured on a seismograph, claiming it to be a chart of the Earth’s magnetic force-field. During this
research the Scientists detected intermittent pressure points where a massive sudden surge of force
caused a jerk in the movement rather than a smooth rolling action. It was reported that they were
unable to determine where and when the so called geo-magnetic jerks occur.

My research revealed the position of the imaginary Magnetic Pole as a vertical line running through
the center of Earth aligned with the Terminator, which is set in a fixed position at 90 ͦin all directions from the



Magnetic North and south is pinpointed by cross reference to the Latitudes and Longitudes at a 23.5 ͦ 

angle to the polar axis.

The speed of a daily rotation sets the Time taken to cover the distance around the Equator, driven by
the force of water and direction of Ocean Tides, at 24hrs per day or 1035mph.

The speed of an annual rotation sets the Time taken to complete the distance around the Magnetic
Pole, driven by the force of geo-magnetic jerks, once a day for 364 days per year, at 0.989 ͦ
movement per jerk.

Exploration to discover and map the Oceans on the surface of the Earth indirectly set down the
standard measurement of speed as it is primarily used to measure the speed of vehicles and all
movement on or across the surface of the Earth.

Exploration of Space cannot be measured according to the speed of the vehicle because there is no
way to determine the distance covered except according to the Latitudes and Longitudes when
travelling on the surface.

Aviators must navigate according to the speed of the Earth rotating beneath them in order to
determine when to land. The only instrument that can align the position of the aviator with the
Latitudes and Longitudes on the ground is a Magnetic Compass, pointing due North above and
below the Tropics, reverting to point to Magnetic North between the Tropics.

I am not a Scientist nor do I work for the Government, my research is not funded by Government,
which puts me outside of the National Secrets Act, free to collaborate with anyone I think is able to
add their research to mine to strengthen my findings and to verify the facts.

I chose the Internet for the platform of research and the freedom to collaborate.

Initially I had to work alone to document my research on a Web Site which lacked any possibility of it
being verified. I then gained an insight into the research carried out by others from numerous
Reports published by journalists on the Internet. I am now able to use their data to verify my
research on this my latest Website.

I discovered that the speed of a rotation decreases by 11.5379mph per one degree of Latitude as the
circles decrease in size down to zero at the Poles.

I compiled a Speed chart matching the number of the Latitude to the speed at which it rotates.

This provided the data from which I could pin point the cause and the Time and place at which geo-
magnetic jerks occur, and to compare it with the Time and place at which natural disasters, such as

Earthquakes and tsunamis have occurred in the past, together with the unexplained loss of ships and
aircraft that occurred at the same Time and place of a geo-magnetic jerk.

Notably, the many that disappeared without trace in the Bermuda Triangle and the recent
disappearance of a Malaysian passenger jet followed by two Boeing Flights crashing on take-off,
supposedly because a safety device malfunctioned. The force of a geo-magnetic jerk overrides all
safety devices, or the cause of crashes on take-off could be the failure to correctly re-align GPS

supporting navigation and attitude determination for operational logistics like the numbering of runways.


The abrupt change in the direction of the rotation causes a Magnetic compass to
swing wildly, without the Pilot changing the direction of the flight, many distress calls report a
malfunction in the instrument, the Pilot loses his bearings at the same time as strong winds and
turbulent water make it impossible to control an aircraft or a ship. Those that do weather the storm
are lost at sea, unable to find land before the fuel supply runs out. Thousands of lives have been lost
in the past in this same situation.

Over 700 ships are lost without trace a sea every year, despite all the new technology available to navigate 

and track even the smallest vessel crossing the largest oceans.

With the increase of passengers travelling long distances, more frequently than ever before, the potential loss 

of life can only be lessened by gaining an insight into the cause of air disasters so that it can be prevented from

happening again. With the increase in electronic transmissions of scientific data it is possible to advise all Pilots

immediately of this dangerous phenomenon so as to be able to avoid it in the future.

The cause of these jerks is the abrupt change of direction taken at high speed throughout the year on a daily basis,

at Midnight/Midwinter, and directly opposite, at Midday/Midsummer, as each place marked by the longitudes,

rotates past the Meridian once a year.

The cause of the change of direction is defined by the speed of the rotation around the Tropics at 767.27mph. 

Here the daily rotation maintains a speed slower than the speed around the Latitudes above and 

beneath it (between the Tropics), preventing the slower Latitudes from moving into the high speed force-field

where the greater impact over-rides the weaker movement. In effect it is the same as a fast car driving into the 

back of a slower vehicle.

It is extremely difficult to find a word to describe a new discovery, mostly the Terminology rests on the outdated

theories  which are incorrect and therefore tend to mislead the reader. I have concluded that the most apt way to

describe the annual Rotation of Earth about the Magnetic Pole is to name it as the Angular Rotation of the Polar Axis.

Magnetism was the new word for Gravity, used to describe the force that drives the Earth’s perpetual motion. In fact

the circular flow of the water, which covers two thirds of the land mass, is maintained as it constantly impacts upon

itself and the mass in which it is contained.

The speed chart of the Latitudes defines both the speed and direction of Earth rotations to the accuracy of one second, 

thereby quantifying the Measurement of Time to establish a precise Chronological Order in perpetuity.

In order to convert the Speed Chart to a digital equation which can be incorporated into remote controls and further

research into safety devices on all flights, the circles of Latitude must be re-numbered from 0  ͦat the Poles up to 90  ͦ

around the Equator to mark both the Time and Distance on the same scale, from the slowest and shortest up to the

fastest and longest.

eg;          Latitude 01 x 11.5379mph = 11.5379mph. the speed at this location.

                Latitude 90 x 11.5379mph = 1038.41mph. the speed at this location.

(1)  United States Naval Observatory videos of a Daily Rotation and Annual Rotation can be viewed on  together with other time lapse photography and text where the rotation of

Earth is described as the passage of the Sun across the sky, by ill-informed journalists, writing in a Science magazine.